About us

MagicalVegas.stream is an online information portal for the popular casino Magical Vegas. The website is run by casino fans, and the idea behind the website is to provide casino players with useful information about Magical Vegas. We’ve reviewed the casino, so that you can learn all the basics straight away, and we also provide the latest information regarding bonuses, promotions and campaigns available at the site, sot hat you can get as much value out of your Magical Vegas account as possible.

We’d like to point out that we are an independent website, that has no connection to the official Magical Vegas brand. This is simply a fan site!

We’d like to encourage everybody who visits this page to gamble responsibly. Even if you are playing with the great bonuses that Magical Vegas provides, there’s always a chance that you can lose money whilst playing online casino games. Make sure to follow your gambling budget at all times, and never bet money that you can’t afford to lose!